Our Story

From the Sahel street to Bhaktapur

Paris, New Delhi, Phnom Penh, Bethleem, Bhaktapur or Buenos Aires… We must confess something, we do not know which one to choose! It must be a little bit of all of these places, those encounters, and a few megatons of saliva used to discuss around a few thousand cafés that built Bridgeo. At the beginning we were just a group of friends in Paris (between the Daumesnil Avenue and the Sahel Street precisely) who had a few ideas to make a commitment. Thousands of miles were wandered, 25 countries visited, and hundreds of organisations met; and the result led to three conclusions and a project:

  • Local NGOs lack of means and working force. Theirs educational, environmental and more general solidarity actions are however essential to improve everyday life of billions of people.

  • People from everywhere are ready to take commitment in order to help those local NGOs, but often see their wishes falling appart due to prohibitive costs.

  • Hence the need to build a linking space for a responsible, accessible and free volunteering action

This is where Bridgeo came from. Our world needs commitments, solidarity, and mostly, concrete solutions. We need to be outraged, we need to understand, but most importantly, we need to act to help those who need it the most! 1, 2, 4 months… Even more, to help, support, and share around the world.

From Bhaktapur to the 2.0

Alright great, but then what? In order to be able to ensure a responsible and low cost voluntary action, we have developed our project around three main principles:

  • Initiating a quality approach with NGOs leaning on our experience of the field with the experience and skills of audit firms . Every partner organisation on our website has been evaluated by the best way possible. Our main goal is to assure you that the work accomplished by the local NGOs respects the rules and the ethics of a solidarity action

  • Making volunteering easier thanks to digital technologies. It is indeed through this new means that it is possible to reduce significantly the costs to your mission. We avoid you from having to fill up a tone of paperwork, while allowing you to reduce taxation by 66% on the overall expenses (mainly transportation) of your mission.

  • Giving as much information as possible for people to act more responsible, in a more sustainable, and thus have an impact. This is why you will find MOOC, articles and so on on our website, allowing you to prepare your voluntary action in the best conditions.

From us, truthfully

We are Bridgeo; a few friends obsessed (reasonably of course) with ethics, commitment, and the will to make volunteering responsible. We try daily to assess, inform, and make the impossible possible! But let’s be honest and transparent, above all, you are Bridgeo. Etienne in Bethlehem, Claire in Phnom Penh or Nicolas in Bhaktapur… What you do in the field, helping, bringing your skills, this is the spirit of our organisation!


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