Volunteer at a permaculture farm in the Amazonas region!

We are a grass root organic farm with the goal, to live sustainable within the next 3 years. To grow our own food from vegetables to tropical food forests. You can be part of this thriving process!

NGO description

We are a holistic organic farm with the goal, to live sustainable within the next 3 years.

  1. To grow our own food from vegetables to tropical food forests. You can be part of this thriving process!
  2. Gain valuable experience and learn about smart permaculture principles.
  3. Learn ecological awareness and more about environmental protection.
  4. Enjoy the amazing view on to the Zamora river from our bamboo house and help us with farming work, which is challenging in humid, tropical climate in Ecuador.
  5. Dive in and be part to our daily farming, living and improve your language.

We speak most of the time Spanish

BRIDGER's actions

You will be Involved in these Types of Farm Work

  1. Cut pasture onto 2-Meter-high with machete.
  2. Harvest Papaya and Platains at the Farm, combined with a one our hike.
  3. Help us construct the Volunteer bamboo cabin 6x3 Meters.
  4. Help in the kitchen, cutting vegetables, prepare drinks, set the table, wash and dry the dishes, etc.
  5. Give food to chickens, guinea pigs and dogs
  6. Be interested in all kinds of work and don't be afraid of hard, physical commitment.
  7. You will work with tools like shovel, spade, pickax, machete, hammer or with your bare hands, depending on what work you are doing. If you experienced, you can handle with other machine like electric saw, driller and so on.
  8. Stay communicative and involve yourself in to group conversation.

The main language is Spanish, we will also speak with you in Spanish so you need to be able to speak and converse in Spanish.


Each volunteer is asked to be a solid contributor both to the physical work of the site as well as to the social and emotional well-being of the community. Remember you will be living and working in a community! You are given the freedom to make a genuine contribution to the future of the farm systems.

Work requirements are a minimum of 5 hours per day (6 days a week) on projects or maintenance.  All volunteers will also participate in community chores such as cooking, cleaning communal areas, and maintaining the site. Some occasional weekend duties (such as: watering garden beds, flipping compost, feeding animals, etc). Volunteers will also participate in community meetings ranging from managerial tasks to personal feelings.

Volunteers should consider their position as a job. We like to have fun, but we have serious work to do. The place cannot function without the hard work and energy of all the members. If you care deeply about the work you are doing, you are sure to get most you can out of your time.

What to expect?

The day starts at 06:00 AM and ends at 09:00 PM (normally). After breakfast, everyone starts with some of the Daily/Weekly Tasks.

Mornings we work for max. 5 hours (until lunch) on current Farm Projects and in the afternoon on Self Initiated Projects.

OTHER information


We use shared facilities: Living room, kitchen; shower; compost toilet; manual laundry area, and we take turns with daily chores such as cleaning. No group is accepted (more than 2 volunteers).

Food example: a big bowl of seasonal tropical fruit (Banana, Papaya and maybe Mango) with oatmeal and fruit juice for breakfast. Lunch could be rice with peanut butter, salad and carrots, lentils with shredded coconut meat. Dinner may be lighter like Papaya or just some rice with eggs.

We focus on seasonal, partly organic and local produce we purchase at the market and harvest as much of our own food from the Finca as we can.

You can also chill!

  1. Explore the property (3 hours hiking) visit the waterfall
  2. Enjoy the magical twilight landscape
  3. Challenge the Ecuadorians to an afternoon game of beach volleyball
  4. Relax, watching the night sky with all the stars
  5. Take a swim in one of the natural swimming pools
  6. Walk to the next village: “Los Encuentros” 2km and explore life there
  7. Take a bus to the next city: “Yantzaza” 15km about 20 Min. drive.
  8. Take a long weekend to explore the city of Loja / Cuenca 3-4 hours away
  9. Go to one of the main tourist attractions of Ecuador: Banos, about 6 hours away

Our NGO is a place where people come together and create mutual enrichment. Participate as a volunteer and teach/learn from people who share their knowledge. On the other hand, we are always looking for mentors to teach the respective topics which match the specific sub-project. Or visit the farm to get a taste of permaculture in the green. Here we stress collaboration. We are about mutual enrichment and working together. There is no room for people who think they know everything.


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Los Encuentros, ECUADOR
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Développement des projets

Bridgeo est une association humanitaire et de défense de l'environnement agissant par l'intermédiaire de ses bénévoles partout dans le monde grâce à des partenariats locaux. Toutes les missions et les besoins exprimés sur cette page ont été co-écrits et issues d'une concertation entre Bridgeo et les partenaires locaux. La description du partenaire et de la mission n'a qu'une valeur informative et indicative, non contractuelle.

Minimum length of the mission:

4 weeks


All year long

Language spoken on site :


The non-profit provides :

bed_icon_greenSleeping Accommodation
meal_icon_greenBreakfast, Lunch and Diner

Transportation from/to airport :

plane_icon_greenTaxi or bus about 3.5h from Loja Catamayo airport in Ecuador


accomodation_icon_green  305 €

Other fees :


Coût de la mission

La candidature à la mission est gratuite. Aucun frais est demandé avant confirmation de votre engagement par notre partenaire.
Une fois la mission confirmée, le coût de la mission est intégralement à la charge du bénévole et comprend l'adhésion à Bridgeo, les billets d’avion A/R, les frais demandés par notre partenaire et à verser sur place (ils varient en fonction de chaque structure : logement, nourriture, frais de transports de l'aéroport au lieu de mission, soutien à l'association) et les frais administratifs (assurance, visa).


Il est obligatoire d’être adhérent (250 €) à Bridgeo pour participer à nos missions après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire. En adhérant, vous témoignez de votre intérêt pour les objectifs de notre association. Vous pouvez alors participer à nos activités et bénéficiez de notre accompagnement et de notre réseau solidaire.

Démarches à suivre après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire :

1/ Adhérez ici à Bridgeo en tant que membre adhérent si vous ne l'êtes pas déjà

2/ Nous retourner la Convention d'engagement réciproque entre l'adhérent et l'association Bridgeo signée en ayant lu attentivement la Charte éthique de l'adhérent,un certificat médical et un casier judiciaire.

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