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In January 2016, the founder built a house for the volunteers, and started lessons for underprivileged children from surrounding villages...

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This is based in Kratie province and is about 10 minutes from Kratie town and the Mekong River. The school's director, Mr. Yuth, has lived in this area for many years, and over time he has watched children grow up with little or no English, and therefore, poor job prospects. He wanted to change this and offer the children of Kratie Province a better future. In January 2016, Mr. Yuth opened the school, built a house for the volunteers, and started lessons for underprivileged children from surrounding villages.

In Cambodia, the economy is mainly based on tourism and agriculture, however, in the public schools of Kratie, students aren't taught English. Therefore, the goal is to enable them to learn English and gain some basic IT skills, which will give them better job prospects and a brighter future.

Aside from the English school, as part of a specialized group, Mr. Yuth runs an NGO that works closely with vulnerable groups, farmers, women, and children by implementing sustainable projects to improve their living conditions. This is a long-established organization has been in operation since 1993. Volunteers might also be involved with work for this project as different needs arise.

BRIDGER's actions

We are looking for volunteers to teach English and/or basic computer skills. We are also accepting volunteers with backgrounds in marketing and other important project roles. Please note that while you may apply for a role other than teaching - our main need is for teachers and you might be asked to teach if we do not have enough teachers when you arrive.

TEACHING ENGLISH (typically need 6 volunteers at a time):
*️️Minimum 1-month commitment, ideally longer.
Teaching at the home-based school and at other nearby classrooms.

Lessons can include playing educational games, role-playing, singing songs, and any other ideas you have. There are books for each level (we teach Levels 1-4). The children follow the curriculum set by the NGO and log books have to be completed daily.

*️️Minimum 1-month commitment, ideally longer.
Teaching at the home-based school.

Most poor children at the school don't have access to a computer but IT skills are essential both in and outside the workplace. Even teaching the kids basic typing skills, how to research on the internet, and how to use Facebook, etc, will go a long way to help their prospects in the future.

IT skills is a new class with very limited resources so it is only taught a few times a week to small groups (if volunteers have laptops or tablets with them, and are willing to show to the class how to use them, it would be very helpful).

COMMUNICATION & FUNDRAISING (typically need 1-2 volunteers at a time):
*️️Minimum 1-month
Primarily based in the office (5 minutes from the school and volunteer house).

We always need one or two volunteers to help in the office with tasks such as maintaining our website, updating our Facebook page, replying to emails and Workaway applications/feedback, etc. We are also working to increase awareness of our project and raise funds for improving the school. Creative and marketing savvy people who can help with these initiatives are always welcome. Currently, we are looking to produce promotional materials, posters, and donation boxes, etc (as cheaply as possible), and trying to reach out into the local community and to local businesses, such as hostels, etc, to support and promote our project. We also have some ideas for future fundraising, when we are more established (and have a steady enough stream of volunteers).
These include:
- Reaching out to schools in the UK/USA/AUS/FR, etc, for fundraising (such as sponsored reads and cultural exchanges).

(minimum 1 month)
From time to time (when funds allow for materials), help is needed to improve the school site, classrooms, and volunteer house. This includes things like gardening, painting, DIY, building work, etc. Many volunteers take on some of these projects while they are here in addition to teaching.

We are currently fundraising to finish the school building (floor and walls), and we eventually hope to provide more volunteer accommodation and extend the school to provide more space and opportunity for more children.
Also, sometimes our IT equipment breaks, and we hope to receive donations of old computers in the future, so volunteers with knowledge of fixing computers could be of help sometimes!

There is also the opportunity to get involved in Mr. Yuth's other charitable organization, KAFDOC. It is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Kratie Province. They are experts in education, healthcare, agriculture and food security, water and sanitation, good governance, children's rights and gender promotion.

We appreciate volunteers who can share their skills to improve our staff's abilities and help our organization to reach its goals. Experts in agriculture, water sanitation, environmental tourism, climate change, health and nutrition, women empowerment and gender equality, child welfare, grant applications and funding proposals, etc, would be great for this project!

Languages spoken
English, Khmer
We ask our volunteers to help for 3-5 hours per day from Monday to Friday.

In return, we provide accommodation in our newly built volunteer house located right above the school (we have special accommodation for long-term volunteers willing to stay for several months), the accommodation is only 10 minutes walk from the office. The house has three bedrooms for volunteers to share (and the other room designated for long-term volunteers), plus shared areas including a bathroom, basic kitchen, and a large, comfortable sitting area. There is electricity, and beds have bedding and mosquito nets.

Volunteers are asked to pay a fee of $5 per week for utilities and maintenance plus $2.50 for the household expenses.

Volunteers can buy food at the local market which is only a short walk away, and cook for themselves. A local restaurant also offers our volunteers a 15% discount.

There is no wifi at the volunteer house. But you have different places to get free wifi close to the house (10 minutes walk away from the house). For onsite internet, local SIM cards are cheap and easy to use, and can be bought from Mr. Yuth's small shop located next door to the volunteer house (the shop also sells drinks and snacks, etc.).

Some bikes are available for the volunteers but they can also rent their own bicycle in the city for around $10-$15 per month, or $1 per day (motorbikes can be rented for $5-$6 per day). Tuk-tuks are also available in the town.

There are minivans from Phnom Penh Central Market ($5), or Siem Reap to our house ($10) for less than half the price of usual tourist transport prices.

If you are coming from Phnom Penh airport, you can get a tuk tuk or taxi from the airport to Central Market (Phsar Thmei) and then the minivan to Kratie from there.

OTHER information

Please remember this is a family home and a school environment - so please no illegal drugs or excessive alcohol, and behave in a respectable manner. Please be environmentally aware (and understand electricity isn't cheap), by being mindful and turning off lights, etc.

Also, we don't provide towels so please bring your own.

Donate. We always need picture books and flashcards for our young learners.
Used electronics, especially laptops and tablets are very much appreciated.
The school costs a lot to run, and Mr. Yuth receives no outside funding. Please consider making a cash donation. However small, it will have a big impact on the lives of these children.

Spread the word - like and share our social media page, leave good feedback for us, and tell your friends and other volunteers about the work we do!


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Kratié Province, Cambodia
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