> Departure conditions <

> Your preparation before leaving <

> Budgeting and financing your mission <

> Your experience on the field <

1. Departure conditions

Yes of course. However, pay attention to the specific conditions of every missions. Some of them require a specific level of experience, skills or a fluency in Shakespeare’s tongue ! If you are not sure that you fit for the mission, don’t hesitate to apply with your CV and the Non-Profit will tell you if it matches its needs.
Once again, it depends on the mission you want to apply for. Some of our Non-Profits are potentially interested in welcoming multiple volunteers at a time. However, missions often answer needs and those needs don’t necessarily need multiple person to be satisfied. Also, make sure that leaving with friends or family might not affect the quality of your volunteering and the seriousness of your work on the field.
Yes. For obvious matters of responsibility and insurance, our Non-Profits do not take under age people (under 18 years old) and Bridgeo doesn’t send any. However, if you are leaving with a legal guardian, it is probably possible; but this has to be negotiated with the local Non-Profit and not with Bridgeo.
It is, indeed, possible. Neither we nor our Non-Profits check the nationality of the volunteers. Please note nevertheless that it won’t be able for you to get a tax-deduction for your plane ticket and adhesion if you don’t pay any taxes in France and know no-one that could do it for you.
Honestly yes, it is always better to know english and, if possible, at least the basis of another language (particularly spanish if you wish to volunteer in a spanish-speaking country).

2. Your preparation before leaving

There is no precise rule about that subject, but the sooner the better. For your mission to happen the best way possible, it’s always preferable to be a bit early. We advise you to look at the mission 4 to 6 months before you departure, to apply 4 months before and to start getting ready for the mission 2 months before. All paperwork for Bridgeo needs to be sent at least 2 weeks before your departure though.
Missions from our partner Non-Profits last at least a month in order to prevent short missions with no or a very little impact. Please know that even though missions are offered to you from one month, we strongly advise you to leave at least 2 to 3 months if you want to maximise your impact on the field.
There are a few papers to provide before your plane takes off. For every volunteers, you have 3 documents to sign : an ethical chart, a release form and the form for the donation of plane tickets to benefit from a tax-reduction.
For everyone working with children we will ask for an extract of your criminal record. Without this paper it will be impossible for you to apply.

3. Budgeting and financing your mission

As an association of volunteering, we wish that our action is as qualitative as possible. It is only with a little bit of our money that we will maximise our impact : contribute to common good, solidarity and a sustainable world. This vocation has a price, a price of adhesion. Without it, it would be impossible for us to assure a quality approach with our partners as well as a departure preparation for everyone who wish to volunteer. As an association, we also have costs that we can not avoid (Maintenance and hosting our website, a few modest wages, and advertisement).
1. Our quality approach :
At Bridgeo, it is the first of our preoccupations : find Non-Profits everywhere in the world – and more important understand their actions, their projects and the quality of their interventions. For that, we often go on the field to discover, understand and assess those organisations. Once we met them in person, we make sure of their ability to receive volunteers in a safe way and with a goal of maximising their social or environmental impact.

2. Assist and insure :
There is no responsable partnership without a maximal guarantee of security. This is why we created partnerships with insurance companies for your health and safety. You will find the useful information before and during your mission by downloading an app – this app will allow you, among other things, to know the sanitary risks, safety leaflet on the countries, alerts in case of dangers, etc – and you can even call them in case of any uncomfortable situation (even for a simple case of language barrier – indeed we don’t know how to speak Wolof). This service is open 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

3. Getting you ready for departure :
We also consider that the quality of our missions needs a (very) good preparation before departure. All the necessary information can be found on our website (under multiple format : e-learning, articles, and a manual) and will become accessible for you once your adhesion is confirmed. Maintenance of our website that we often update so that you can discover 1. your perfect volunteering mission, 2. all the tips, information and news to help you as best as we can, 3. your happiness through responsible travelling.

4. Administrative fees and communication :
As all organisations, we have costs that we can not avoid when we process files, find an office, create and use tools for communication and develop our website. We are trying to make these costs as small as possible – no SUV as a company car – and actually no company car at all, we prefer bikes, no office in Neuilly, and no champagne shower. Know however that all the expenditures for your adhesion is tax-deductible at a 66% rate. Thus, the adhesion will cost you only 67 € after the tax-reduction. To better understand tax-reduction, please see the question below.
Bridgeo being an association with no profit-making goal, all the donors that pay taxes and pay for an adhesion or plane tickets for a mission with Bridgeo can benefit from a reduction of 66% on these costs.

Beware, if you nor your parents pay taxes in France, it won’t be possible for you to benefit from this tax reduction. However, a third party (friends, distant family, or even a public structure) may be able to finance your mission and benefit from this deduction.

To benefit from this deduction, the payer needs to attach to its tax declaration the two receipts from the adhesion and the plane tickets. When you pay your adhesion on HelloAsso, the first receipt will be automatically generated. For the second one (plane tickets), Bridgeo will give it to your. This documents have to be safely kept because they can only be sent to you once. The exact deduction is 66% in the limit of 20% of your taxable income. If the amount is above the limit of 20%, there is still a possibility to postpone the reduction for up to the 5 following years with the same conditions.

As we know its a complex subject, we are at your disposal for any question, by mail at contact@bridgeo.org or by phone : +336-69-10-39-68.
There are multiple ways to finance your mission. The first is to ask the people around you for funds. The second one is to create a crowdfunding online. For more information, you can go on HelloAsso’s website.

4. Your experience on the field

The average day of volunteering is 5 to 8 hours of work a day, with two free days per week (often on week ends). However, this conditions may differ depending on the missions and it is your responsibility to check with the local Non-Profit before you commit for the mission.
This depends on your destination and the hosting organism. However, most of the needed information on this subject is available on the missions’ pages.
All our partner Non-Profit often welcome volunteers at the airport. If this is not the case for any reason whatsoever, they will provide you with all the necessary information as for what to do to reach the office of the hosting association.