Our association of law 1901 aims to connect responsible volunteers with serious NGOs and local social enterprises.

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Responsible volunteering, what is it?

We consider that becoming a Bridger is not only about travelling differently. For us, it’s a responsible way to commit yourself. The most important thing in every volunteering is the positive impact at the end of the mission, not the number of likes the volunteer can get with his selfie with the see-through waters of south east Asia.

1 > Limiting the expenses for the volunteer


Let it be said that volunteering is a very commendable acts. Unfortunately, it has tended to seduce the business world who saw an opportunity to make more money. Breaking open your piggy bank, emptying your bank account, ask your all family for money, to give some of your personal time on the other side of the world? What a peculiarity from our times as intolerable as surprising! For Bridgeo, our responsibility is first and foremost to limit the expenses for those wishing to help, share and convey something.

When you live for a volunteering mission, 66% of the total amount of the plane tickets + the adherence fees are tax-deductible. For instance, for an 800€ flight (plus the 200€ of adherence fees so 1000€ in total, the donateur will see his/her taxes reduces by 66%, or, in this case, 660€. The actual cost of the round-trip plane ticket, plus the adherences fees will be 340€.). Even better, it doesn’t have to be the person that volunteers that has to pay. Anyone, his parents, or friends, as long as they are taxable, can pay the costs of the trip (plane tickets and adherences fees) and get a tax-deduction for their expenses, which are just donations in nature.

2 > Making the commitment easier


Our motto is being responsible and sustainable in our approach, while keeping it accessible. This is why we created a platform – a few clics on our website and you can sign up and volunteer! What could be more relevant than a digital mean to promote commitment? Find the mission of your dreams, choose the period during which you want to leave, fill the form and we will contact the local coordinator in order to organize your mission. This is what Bridgeo tries to offer, an accessible way without too much paperwork.

3 > Establishing a quality process


That’s a strong ambition! Trying to be both responsible, accessible, and promote a quality approach. This is why we are much more than just a platform. Because we cannot promote quality volunteering if we don’t provide quality missions. Bidgeo commits to do its best to assess every non-profit with whom we work. This quality evaluation goes through a number of criterias (the main subjects are the project, the impact, the governance, the accounts and the management of volunteers) developed with the help of the Deloitte Foundation, and based on our experience and local visits done on the field. Finally, we ask all our volunteers and partner organisations to sign an ethical charter – the purpose of this is to respect norms and rules in order to make volunteering a more responsible and sustainable act.

4 > Making the information transparent


Knowledge is power. Bridgeo considers that quality information is necessary for a serious mission as we promote it. One of our mission is, thus, to give the volunteer the useful and necessary knowledge to make is/her mission a success. If the volunteer has for responsibility to inform him/herself in a pertinent way as much as possible – it is also our duty, as an organisation, to be fully transparent to provide the volunteer with all the information we can. Furthermore, we consider, as an organisation, that it is our duty to be fully transparent towards our subscribers and partners about our practices. Which is why you will find all informations and datas about us on this website.