General description (1st step / 3)

Keep it short and descriptive as it will appear on search results instead of the link description
Describe your organization: history, values, goals, impacts. Please, don't put the name of your NGO here.
If you are involved in several countries, please add a mission for each on the platform.

Volunteer's mission (2/3)

Describe the volunteer work in few words
Please, don't put the name of your NGO here.
Example for a teaching mission:
The volunteer(s) should transfer teaching skills that include the creativity and participation of children, to be transferred to the teachers. The volunteer(s) should work towards the teachers to help them realize that a teacher is not just an employee but a person who has the power to encourage and influence students...
We would like our volunteers to stay in your organization at least 1 month
Yes No

Daily life (3/3)

Pick up at the airport included or not? If not, what are the options of transportation, the cost and length of the way?
If yes, how much a volunteers pay for something else than food or accommodation?
Add any requirements that you would like to address to volunteers.
For examples:
- Smoking?
- Driver's license?
- Some values...
If you usually send volunteers an application form that they have to fill, please upload it here so that they can send it to you while applying.
The first image will be shown on mission cards.

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