Help the Homeless

In Tbilisi, there is a lot of poverty and homeless people. The work of this non-profit is necessary, and allows the volunteers to act on essential topics, allowing people a more decent life, and alongside with a wonderful welcoming team!

NGO description

Founded in 1994, this organisation is a Charitable Foundation doing its best to serve the poverty-stricken in Georgia and promote charity and justice. It was created just after the break-up of the Soviet Union when Georgia gained independence. This foundation as actions everywhere in Georgia, mostly in Tbilisi and in big cities, helping poverty stricken people and homeless people to live a decent life. It distributes food, clothes, covers, ... They also have a strong program for youth, ensuring and facilitating their access to education and care. To do so, they have care center in big cities and summer programs for children in small villages.

This foundation is inspired by Christian Faith, more precisely from the Gospel, the Church’s social teaching. This non-profit has around 220 full-time workers and volunteers.

Volunteer's actions

The mission is usually located in Tbilisi, but you may ask the organisation to work somewhere else in Georgia if you prefer, they have actions everywhere.

Volunteers help with the following tasks:

  1. Cooking meals for distribution
  2. Distribution of food in the street
  3. Distribution of clothes to poverty-stricken people in a dedicated place in Tbilisi

During the year, volunteers work 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday), averaging 15 or 20 hours per week: 2 days with homeless people, and two days with poverty stricken people. A maximum of 3-4 volunteers are needed over the same period of time.
During summer, it is a bit different experience : volunteers stay a minimum of 10 days out of Tbilisi to help the team to manage summer camps into the distant villages.

OTHER information

Volunteers live in youth hostels, very abundant and welcoming in Tbilisi, where generally free Wifi is provided. This will enable them to meet many other awesome international volunteers or travelers.

As they live in the city, volunteers are able to get to know this amazing and developing city during their spare time. If they are really motivated, they can also use their time to help other local non-profit.


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Minimum length of the mission:

1 month


all year long

Language spoken on site :


The non-profit provides :


Transportation from/to airport :



accomodation_icon_green  From 50 € (youth hostel + food)

Other fees :




Coût de la mission

La candidature à la mission est gratuite. Aucun frais est demandé avant confirmation de votre engagement par notre partenaire.
Une fois la mission confirmée, le coût de la mission est intégralement à la charge du bénévole et comprend le billet d’avion A/R, le logement et de nourriture (à verser directement  sur place auprès de notre organisme partenaire s'il met à disposition des bénévoles un logement et de la nourriture) et les frais administratifs (assurance, visa, ...) .


Il est obligatoire d’être adhérent (200 €) à Bridgeo pour participer à nos missions après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire. En adhérant, vous témoignez de votre intérêt pour les objectifs de notre association. Vous pouvez alors participer à nos activités et bénéficiez de notre accompagnement et de notre réseau solidaire.

Démarches à suivre après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire :

1/ Adhérez ici à Bridgeo en tant que membre adhérent si vous ne l'êtes pas déjà

2/ Nous retourner la Convention d'engagement réciproque entre l'adhérent et l'association Bridgeo signée en ayant lu attentivement la Charte éthique de l'adhérent,un certificat médical et un casier judiciaire.