Football in Kenya

Our partner are helping adolescent girls break the silence on issues that affect them through a network of peers who share information on life skills and create a safe space for girls to learn from each other.

NGO description

Our partner seeks to change lives and livelihoods of pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya!
They have different programs and initiatives :

Breaking The Silence

Also known as Breaking The Silence Using Football, this program has been implemented since the beginning of 2013. With the support of Women Win, the NGO have been able to to reach 13 schools in Marsabit Central. They are helping adolescent girls break the silence on issues that affect them through a network of peers who share information on life skills and create a safe space for girls to learn from each other.

Girls who would ordinarily not be involved in sport activities now find a safe space to play football and learn from their network of peers.

Community Resilience

This program’s objective is to enhance community resilience through capacity building, enhanced preparedness and also reducing their vulnerability to disasters in Marsabit.

This is being achieved through increased community capacity to access resources and utilising them through community saving schemes, alternative livelihood methods through tailoring course, improved community cohesion and peaceful coexistence through football, and enhanced access to information and knowledge through the documentation and setting up of a resource centre.

Shoot To Score

The name says it all. The NGO teach young children to learn to shoot with footballs and not with guns.

Since 2008 and supported by various partners, the flagship program has helped prevent young children from being sucked into ethnic rivalry and conflict and provided safe spaces for learning a culture of non violence through football.


Volunteer's actions

We are looking for football coaches for now. People who are highly skilled at football coaching and managing football for development projects. We work in schools and with young children and as a result are looking for people with high morals who understand and appreciate the importance of protecting children who are participating in our programs.

OTHER information

We want someone who can participate for a minimum of 6 months to 12 months. It can be more if we both believe it is in the interests of both sides.

The volunteer takes care of their flight and travel costs to and from Marsabit, and we take care of a portion of their accommodation and food costs while they are here.


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Marsabit, Kenya
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Minimum length of the mission:

6 months


All year long

Language spoken on site :


The non-profit provides :

bed_icon_greenWifi on site

Transportation from/to airport :

plane_icon_greenBus, Taxi


accomodation_icon_green  150$

Other fees :




Coût de la mission

La candidature à la mission est gratuite. Aucun frais est demandé avant confirmation de votre engagement par notre partenaire.
Une fois la mission confirmée, le coût de la mission est intégralement à la charge du bénévole et comprend le billet d’avion A/R, le logement et de nourriture (à verser directement  sur place auprès de notre organisme partenaire s'il met à disposition des bénévoles un logement et de la nourriture) et les frais administratifs (assurance, visa, ...) .


Il est obligatoire d’être adhérent (200 €) à Bridgeo pour participer à nos missions après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire. En adhérant, vous témoignez de votre intérêt pour les objectifs de notre association. Vous pouvez alors participer à nos activités et bénéficiez de notre accompagnement et de notre réseau solidaire.

Démarches à suivre après avoir été accepté(e) par notre partenaire :

1/ Adhérez ici à Bridgeo en tant que membre adhérent si vous ne l'êtes pas déjà

2/ Nous retourner la Convention d'engagement réciproque entre l'adhérent et l'association Bridgeo signée en ayant lu attentivement la Charte éthique de l'adhérent,un certificat médical et un casier judiciaire.